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So you want to own a husky…

Our Story By April 9, 2016 12 Comments

I get it…

they’re SO distinct and soooooooo cute, especially as puppies. But really, do you know what you’re getting yourself into? Imagine a toddler –  a smart, mischievous toddler – moving at the speed of light, that deposits hair everywhere and needs unlimited exercise (x3 in our case).

Still sound like fun??

Here’s a day in the life of to see if you’re up for the challenge…


One cat = three huskies

Our Story By April 6, 2016 16 Comments

8 years ago we went into a pet store (they had an SPCA adoption program) fully intending to get a cat…

I had grown up on a farm and had sworn that I’d never EVER have pets as an adult, while Dustin (whose family had A  – singular – cat at any one time during his childhood) had other plans. I compromised. One cat, rescue…. preferably the one that nobody would take home. A fixer-upper. We came out with Eve.