A trip across Canada.

It was always a bucket list thing for us. Something we’d do “one day” with the dogs. We all have them, don’t we? A crazy adventure thats on a mental checklist somewhere?

Besides our joint- Canada excursion, rounding out mine’s the Swedish Ice Hotel, Penguins in South America, and Hot Water Beach in New Zealand. (Yes, there’s an actual beach where you dig a hole in the sand and it fills with hot springs water, like a hot tub – the tide comes in cold).

But its funny how easily “one day” and “tomorrow” become synonymous with never. And how the day-to-day grind of life dulls hopes and dreams and ambitions without you even realizing it. I was a victim to it until one day life threw me a curve ball and I had all of the time in the world to sit and think about “one days”.

Last October, the 7th to be exact, I woke up feeling what I can only describe as “off”. As the day progressed, I got worse and worse until I was rushed to hospital with a list of neurological symptoms that Dr. House would be tripping over himself to treat. I stopped being able to speak in complete sentences. When I stood, I felt dizzy and disoriented, my head throbbed and my neck felt stiff and numb. Light, sound and smell would light up my nervous system like a Christmas tree. And the entire left side of my body felt like it was coming out of pins and needles. I was a mess!

Thus began my 5 month stint in bed as an amateur tv critic.

I’ll cut to the end of the story: they still don’t know what happened to me. Their best guess (given all of the test results – and lack of results) is that I had an infection in either my brain or spine and its cleared up. I’d say I’m about 80%. I still have moments where I stare blankly at things and forget to put a second shoe on, but that also might be age 😉

You’re probably sitting there going, hmmm, that’s about zero percent relatable. What are the chances I’m going to go straight meningitis-like and lose half a year?? (Hey, that’s what I thought…) But we’ve all had those moments in life where we get a really nice shot of reality, whether it be in our own lives or someone we care about’s.

And the universal reality is this: LIFE IS TOO SHORT!

So that’s the message of our trip. Stop making excuses! The world is your oyster! Just do it! Carpe Diem! Seize the day!… or whatever stupid cliche floats your boat. We’re packing three high energy huskies in a hatchback and travelling 9300km (5700m) across Canada.

We’re nuts.

But, believe me, if we can do it… so can you! …whatever’s on YOUR bucket list.


We’re not going to do an email list (because really, who reads emails??) but you can follow our trip on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

And if you’d like to know more about my journey, I’ve included some of my “blogs from bed” below.

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