I’m currently sitting on a ferry (it’s delayed due to extreme weather conditions), soaking wet, drinking at least 4 fingers of scotch, listening to gangsta rap… it’s been one of THOSE kind of days.

You know, the kind where you fracture the entire front windshield of your car… with your foot?!

But, hold on…let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here. This is day 3 of our “Island adventure” … to get the full story, we have to go back to the beginning.

Day 1 –

The trip over to Newfoundland was not a decision we’d made lightly. For those of you not following along (#yousuck), we’d spent the last 3 nights holed up in a Halifax hotel, babying Montana post-surgery. Since we’d never dealt with a dog with a gaping hole in her butt, we were being EXTRA cautious and postponed all further travel plans.

(Gaping hole = ruptured anal gland)

But after 3 days of pumping meds into her and on the advice of our vet (huge shout out to Dr. Kinninmonth) we got the green light. So, we packed up the car and headed east – further east – to catch the overnight ferry to Newfoundland.

Even with our lack of sleep the next morning (the dogs did better on the ferry than we did), we were feeling great.

The chalet we’d booked entirely due to its pet friendly designation, turned out to be AH-MAZING. Check.

And the weather for the next day (our big hiking day in Gros Morne) was showing sun. Check.

So how did things go so down hill, so quickly?!


It gets better before it gets worse.

Day 2 –

Have you ever had one of those days that’s so incredibly, jaw-droppingly beautiful that you feel like it should have its own theme music and Morgan Freeman should narrate it?!

Yup, that.

First we headed up to the Tablelands and walked on the earth’s mantle. Not a type-o… EARTH’S MANTLE. 500 million years ago the earths tectonic plates shifted thrusting up the ground that now makes up the tablelands (see pic above).

It’s un-freaking-believeable.

And the icing on the cake. There was snow! The dogs just about lost their ever-loving minds.


Then we headed over to the other side of the park to visit what Dustin fondly refers to as The Land Before Time (aka Western Brook Pond). Which isn’t too far off. It’s a fresh water fjord carved out by a glacier during the most recent ice age.



*Fade out theme music*

“…. And I’m Morgan Freeman.”

We headed back to the hotel so incredibly happy we’d come to Newfoundland.

Day 3 –

Even day 3 started off well. We had THE latest checkout time known to man (1pm) and had a lovely coffee with a few members of the Facebook group Snowdogs of Newfoundland and Labrador who had been following our trip.

And that’s when everything started to go down hill.

The weather was cloudy, but not miserable so we decided to make the 2 hour trip from our hotel to the coast (near the ferry) early in the day and head to the beach.

Bahahahahahaha. The beach.

Yeah. That never happened.

Instead we spent 10 hours parked in the car with the toddler huskies while gale force winds and savage rain beat down around us.

Now, we’re from Vancouver… so we know rain, and I can say this with ALL certainty: the weather on the east coast could kick the weather from the west coast’s ass. Hard. And it starts up on a dime. So as soon as we got to the coast, we basically had two options: drive the two hours back to the hotel (full wipers) and take cover, or stay and brainstorm other options.

We chose the latter.

So we called the hotel, the visitor center… we asked at the Tim Hortons to see if there was anywhere dry and undercover we could park and stretch the dogs legs.

There wasn’t.

And then I got the WORST. IDEA. EVER.

What if we just shifted some things in the car so that the dogs would have more space and could at least stretch out?!

Ugh! Whyyyyyy?!

In transition we got drenched, the dogs were drenched, our luggage – drenched… the inside of the car?! Drenched.

And to top it ALL off, I put my feet up on the dash (there was now all sorts of things in the foot well) and the entire windshield shattered. It was probably more the rock that hit it an hour before, but still….

What in the *beeeeeeeep*?!?

So I’m crying, Dustin’s furious. The toddler huskies are bored and antsy, but SOMEHOW we made it the next 7 hours and boarded the boat.

The best part of the day (no sarcasm) was at 10pm when the rain finally eased up to Vancouver-storm rain, and we could run the dogs around the ferry terminal before the 8 hour sailing.

Any little bit we’d dried was lost, but the anxiety over the dogs spending 18 hours cramped in a car was eased.

When we finally boarded the boat I was done. DONE, done. I was so physically and mentally exhausted, I grabbed the biggest scotch I could find, cranked Shook Ones (part 2, obviously) and sent Dustin off to watch the hockey game….

I still hadn’t clued into the fact that this was just the beginning…

We still had an 8 hour boat ride in this weather!!

But as luck would have it, the weather gods took pity on me and just as quickly as the weather started up over the ocean, it subsided.

My eyes started to feel heavy…

And just then, the ferry announced our departure.

Luke-warm, and safely tucked into the boat,

Sonia (and Dustin)

And the best toddler huskies in the world


Check out the Parks Canada videos for the Tablelands and Western Brook below: