I remember sitting around as a teenager in the 90s, talking with my friends about the Green party like they were pirates trying to steal votes in a sea of political filth and ambiguity. We were psyched about them (90s term – meaning excited – for those of you too young to remember). They wanted to save the planet AND the whales – ok maybe that last bit was Greenpeace. Regardless, David Suzuki was backing them and that gave them huge brownie points with us.

They were revolutionary, the antidote to the corporate suits we all hated and we were ALL going to vote for them when we were old enough.

And then we hit our 20s …

And the powers-that-be convinced us it would be a wasted vote: “Don’t vote Green,” they said. “They can’t win.” And you’d look at numbers, and convince yourself they’d be right. So we all claimed “anarchy” and didn’t vote.

Problem solved: “Screw you world, you can’t have our vote.“

(Plus there was probably something better to do on THAT Tuesday afternoon – like drink with our friends).

Fast forward to our 30s (and 40s). We’re now homeowners and parents, conscientious human beings living on planet earth that aren’t (always) killing our braincells with alcohol-tinged parties. We see how our parents voted NDP and claimed “never again”, and how we could have helped save (rid?) the world of Christy Clark’s freakish clown grin, so we feel compelled to vote and have our vote “count”.

But 10 days before the election and we’re still running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to marry the inner teenager screaming VOTE GREEN, with the people saying “make your vote count.”

To which I say this…

Yes, we grew up, BUT so did the Green Party.

As I prepared myself to vote in this election, I went to each party’s website, looked over their platforms, watched the debate and just about shit myself.

The Green Party isn’t just the hippy-dippy party of yesteryear where the biggest draw is a drunken Elizabeth May swinging from the rafters at the Federal level. Andrew Weaver and the BC Green Party have plans. Plans that go beyond the vague platitudes of earth-saving environmental reform. They ALSO have very solid perspectives on education and childcare and liveable incomes.

(You can read more about the Green Party’s platform here.)

Sorry, making BC affordable for British Columbians? Weird. Why would we do that when we could fund corporations?

And as someone who isn’t having children, but sees what lack of education can do to a country *coughUSAcough*, I’m all for funding schools and teachers who will help raise the next generation to be critical thinking, pirate-wanting, planet saving humans.

The alternative is…well, alternative facts and an orange talking head that wants to build walls and claims global warming is a scam.

We can’t just sit around saying that SOMEDAY we’ll vote Green… you know, when it will actually make a difference. It makes a difference NOW. Even if the Green Party doesn’t win THIS election, actually voting for them will propel them into the mainstream so that next election they WILL be a viable option.

So, to all of you out there that still think your vote would be wasted, I say, “If not us, who? If not now, when?”

And if that isn’t enough….

Because, pirates.

Ok, not REAL pirates, but the teenager in you that saw politics for what it was – a sea of filth and greed – and wanted the good guys to swoop in and “save the planet”.

Its time.