(Everly, Reeve, Ribbit, Arrivabene)

Reeve is (for lack of a better word) a stubborn *beeeep*. When she’s not ignoring everyone and everything, she’s usually inciting a riot. Stealthily, as to get the other two in trouble and usually escapes blame by exiting – stage left. Who me??

This dog is a mama’s girl – PERIOD. But, always a study in contrasts, she’s also very “leave no man behind”.

(I have never in my life seen her show off as much as she did in this photo shoot *click POSE click*… such a diva!)

(Ice, Rice, Rice-a-roni, Russel)


While its not ideal to run around Maple Ridge yelling “ISIS!”, 8 years ago when she was named (after an Egyptian God) we weren’t thinking terrorist. Ok, we were… but only because she WAS one. Ice is our problem child. She. Likes. Attention. NOW. Usually with two paws to your chest or crazy vertical jumps like TIGGR.

Ice LOVES dad.

(Although crazy, Ice is our most sensitive dog.. she’ll leave the room if you raise your voice and if you’re crying… she’s beside herself)

(Minty, Mountie, Monty, McMuffin, Tez)

Monty is our re-home. And she takes her role as adopted (bratty) little sister VERY seriously. To Montana everything is a game – and a day is not complete without a series of play-bows, tail pulling, and yipping in her sisters faces. Oh, and her nightly race to claim “her” bed. Which no-one else likes. Yeah…who knows?!

Montana loves EVERYONE and everything…

(Except the cats. They LOVE her. She tolerates them. And their butts in her face. And the kneading. And the purring… WHYYYYY MOM?)